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Garland Boag
Garland Boag
This is William Conley, son of Garland Boag.....
This is William Conley, son of Garland Boag..... 
Compliments of Kevin Conley, Grandson Of Ulysses Conley Jr.

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Oh my goodness... This picture looks exactly like the picture that I have. My dad says it was his grandfather. I believe his name was William, but they called him Bill. My grandfather's name was also Bill Conley. My dad always told me that my great grandfather was killed when my grandfather was young. My grandfather's mother was said to be a Shadd, but the only Shadd I find married to a William or Bill is a lady named Harriet Shadrick or Shadrack. I know this is the same exact picture that I have. Maybe you can help me piece this together. Thanks!!!
Johnna Conley-Baldwin | | November 19, 2012

Garland Bock Conley did have a brother named William according to records at:
Since the picture seems to have been passed down in both lines of the family, I have to wonder if it was their father, Garland Boag Conley. I am descended through Elizabeth Conley, and I can just as easily see why she would have had a picture of her brother William. I remember my grandfather and his sisters would disagree about if a picture was Garland Boag or one of his sons.
Walter Lang | | March 08, 2014

After a lot of research, I do believe this is a photo of Bill Conley Brother to Garland Boag Conley. William was married to Harriet Shadd or Shadrick. He was also married twice prior to her. I know it is not Bill Conley who was Garland Bocks brother. Bill was also brother to Ulysis Sr.
Vauida | August 02, 2015